Devi Genuone working on her first Album!!

I’m so happy to report that production is in full swing on my first record. I’ve been toying with the idea of ‘Til The Tape Pops, inspired by lyrics from one of the masters Biggie Smalls. In my dream last night I had the honor of talking with Biggie about my album, the title & […]

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kaRAGEous CD Release Party! Hollywood! Congratulations Karina Nistal!

Click attending on the¬†FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE!!! ************************************************* DOORS AT 10PM, EARLY ARRIVAL SUGGESTED FOR AN EARLY SHOW!!! WE ARE BEING ASKED TO PERFORM BETWEEN THE 10-11PM HOUR. YOUR ATTENDANCE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! *************************************************** Play with our interactive DIGITAL FLYER!! Click here to check it out! The CITY Project, Good Life Parties, and The Colony Hollywood […]

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“Tell Me Why” is a winner! Honorable Mention for BEST SONG by Oakland Solo Artist 2013

I’m soooo honored to report that I’ve been awarded an “Honorable Mention” for my song “Tell Me Why” (prod by Praktikos) by the Oaktown Music Festival. Thanks to everyone! Especially the judges and Awaken Cafe! The WINNERS party is this Friday & Saturday at Awaken Cafe! You can purchase tickets here! My set is on […]

Turntables, Turf Dancers, Devi Genuone Live Project, Oaktown Official.

OFFICIAL FIRST FRIDAY EVENT Old School Copes Block // 23rd & 24th on TELEGRAPH 5 – 8:45pm – They are shutting us down early folks! Get there EARLY! Devi Genuone production. Old School Copes Block. Stoked to take it to the the streets! REAL hip hop. Takin it back to the elements. LINE UP 5 […]

Ragga Dirty South Jazz Aquadub

What it do good party people & Music aficionados?! DJ/Producers & other Musicians!! Welcome to tha Perch! The official aquadubby to catch tall tales from the Owl Outta Season herself, Devi Genuone. Many adventures are brewing in the cauldron on the Perch, involving the Owl and other infamous characters. Stay Tuned!! Musically I’m feeling very […]