“Believe It” Video from my album Come Correct


Thanks for all the support everyone! The video views are through the roof today!

“Believe It” by Devi Genuone & Charlie Guidry with finesse from Lev Berlak.
Mixed at The Grill Recording Studios in Emeryville.




“Family Affair” April 18th – Los Angeles

We have a show coming up April 18th in Los Angeles with some good friends! It’s going to be a “Family Affair” Roll though 9pm – 1am for a great night!

All Star Lanes

4495 Eagle Rock Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041

(323) 254-2579

Check out my good friend Karina Nistal on her web page or on Facebook

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Tony Emeralds on Facebook and some of his music here.





The behind the scenes view of my photo shoot w/ Brian Desimone Photography 365

Puttin in WERK with Brian Desimone Photography 365. The portrait will be featured in the June edition of Soul Central Magazine. Speacial Thanks to Brian and Laura for all the help!

A sneak peek of what’s to come!

photo 1

Photo By: Leia Weatherford


photo 2

Photo By: Leia Weatherford



Photo By: Leia Weatherford



Check out his other work here Brian Desimone Photography 365

Couple favorites right here…

“Dj Victor Vega” By Brian Desimone Photography 365 


“Majestic Lake Merritt” By Brian Desimone Photography 365 


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Fly Nail Art


Always have my nails lookin FLY!


Pneumatic Vibes Show (Gulfport, MS) w/ Cameron Kelly



Photo By Joseph Groves

         Mississippi coast is absolutely beautiful, thick white sands, palm trees, a stunning sunset, and heartfelt house music made for the perfect day. I had so much fun with these buea people. Special thanks to cameron kelly of Kinetic NOLA for inviting me. Cant wait to come back!! – “Devi”

DJ Cameron Kelly On Facebook





SXSW BeatFreaK Show Photos


Photos from my show at SXSW at BeatFreaK