Im going to Burning Man! Performing at the Skinny Kitty

  That’s right!! Headed out to burning man and performing Thursday with Aarin G as my DJ at the Skinny Kitty Thursday Night Party at the Skinny Kitty Teahouse @3:15 & D for our (sixth?) annual Thursday Night Party. Come get down to funky beats, guzzle free tea (make sure to bring your own cup!), watch amazing fire and […]

Muppetpunk’s Diamond Cutter EP Released on Street Ritual!!

Really stoked to announce the release of Muppetpunk’s Diamond Cutter EP featuring a booty trap rap called “Toopie Hoe”! You can get the whole EP here for FREE!! Russia is loving it so far! Big-ups to my Russian Homies!! Toopie Hoe LISTEN HERE!