Press Release “Come Correct” by Devi Genuone

Devi Genuone, “Come Correct”, Release Date: 10/20/2014

Come Correct is exactly what Devi Genuone does with her first solo release of the same name. A raw reflection of herself, Come Correct introduces the world to this spiritual songstress. The powerful vocals and positive message allow a close look into her soul. The music captures her moods perfectly, allowing the full focus to be on her melodic vocals and rhythmic lyrics.

Come Correct’s production draws attention to itself without overpowering the vocals, showcasing the talented team with which she worked. “Oakland is the best place to walk outside and be inspired. There is a lot of opportunity here to define your sound and craft. “ – Devi Genuone, The Bay Daily. Lev Berlak (the Grill Studios) finessed the entire album and produced Let It Go, Love is Not For Sale, Waiting For You, Come Correct & Let It Go (Reprise). Charlie Guidry and Devi Genuone together produced Believe It and Until the Next Time and Another Day. Ant Hernandez (the Grill Studios) mixed the album on the SSL Console giving it a warm Grill Studios quality identifiable in several of today’s current and past radio hits.

Even with all the surprises, the soulful to the bassed out dnb/drumstep tune don’t deviate from her overall sound. Truly brilliant music; Southern style throwbacks in a fresh arrangement keep you interested well beyond one rotation. All mesh well and the album as a whole allows her to be seen in a whole new light. She has a neighborhood hip hop flair with a Norah Jones feel, and a timeless sound reminiscent of Sade but still all her own. This album is a true testament to her abilities as both a charismatic singer and a songwriter. Prepare to Come Correct and believe the hype.

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