Devi Genuone performing at Dragonshell’s event ELEMENTALES Dec 20th

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Skyhigh Odditorium & Street Ritual


DragonShell : ELEMENTales

We are honored to host the next installation from the DragonShell series. This month we will be featuring performances from the Skyhigh Odditorium Aireal Alchemy student show, a bass music line up featuring artists from Street Ritual, plus a collection of mixed media visual artists, an in-house noodle service and much more !

~Come and celebrate with Veterano his 29th Solstice of this lifetime~


9 – 10pm ~ Guided musical & movement Meditation with Advanced Light Body Activation ~
~ Live music by Cerebellum Projekt ~

10:10pm ~ Devi Genuone !! (Live Band)

11:11pm ~ Cerebellum Projekt & Aireal Alchemy ELEMENTales live performances

12: 22 ~ Knowa Lusion (Street Ritual) ~
~ All New Original Exclusive Set ~

1:22am ~ Das Trevy (Wormhole)


Aireal Alchemy
Altars & Sacred Spaces
BASS music
Classy Libations
Guided Grounding Exploration
Lighting Ambiance
Meditation stations

~~ High Vibrational Frequencies ~~
Outdoor smoking section
Leave it better



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– A collaboration with Street Ritual


Music & Performance

Knowa Knowone (Knowa Lusion)

Sounds like “no illusion”. The artist formerly known as Knowa Knowone.

Knowa Knowone is a Bay Area turntablist/producer and co-owner of the record label Street Ritual. Fans know Knowa as someone who vibes off of his crowd’s energy, raising them to a euphoric and ecstatic state of auditory bliss. Hailing from North Carolina, Knowa began his professional career as a DJ, producer and promoter over a decade ago. Knowa moved to the west coast during the 2000s where he quickly made a name for himself as one of the premiere music artists in the west coast underground.

Devi Genuone (

Devi Genuone’s talent is undeniable; blending soul, jazz & reggae influences to create a signature sound. She’s got that Southern swagger and incredible pipes to match. Her flavor of hip-hop with the tinge of electronica, that ‘boom bap slap’ as she says, is timeless with no limits. Her name stands for Divinely Evolving Vibrance Infinitely Guiding Elevated NOWledge Unconditionally from the One, one light, one love. That spiritual mantra describes her music to a tee. She’s spent her life searching for that perfect rhythm, developing her craft and honing her technique, shaping the music that lives within her soul. She’ll be performing with her 4 piece live band including Jake Nochimow aka EAR MONSTER of Modern Future on drums, Adam Lipsky on Keys & Charlie Guidry on bass. Not to be missed!

Cerebellum Projekt

Is an artistic, educational, healing performance project representing the partnership of Veterano & Madamn Burnz. Through its healing productions, Cerebellum bridges body & spirit, by the fusion of deep experimental bass frequencies, vocal alchemy, organic instruments, elemental shamanic rituals & sultry circus secrets. With the resources of the Odditorium, Cerebellum exists as a sustainable performance paradigm.

Utilizing a diverse array of instruments & art, Veterano naturally brings spirit to electronic music & ritualistic performances. Joining with productive powerhouse Madamn Burnz, the collaboration ignites with a variety of aerial acrobatic props, fire performances, and healing kinetic language. The Cerebellum Projekt’s seeds blossom inter dimensional energies that encompass the elements, providing unique sound transmissions in a prayerformance suitable for any light – based occasion.
View their music video at


‘too funky to be inna funk”

Skyhigh Odditorium Aireal Alchemists


Art by Rez
~~~Rez creative spark from the Bay Area with a passion for creation & truth

gneiss wood – Etching on Wood

Jonathan Seiwell – Crystals & Glass

Rebel Stilskin – Psychedelic Painting

James Burgos ” Escapes ” – rock sculptures

Joseph Rotstein ” Artifcats” – Bones & Stones

~~~Artfool “So what is Art? why Artfool? Art is very specific for each person. Art Is the way we interact and share our ideas, out experience with the outside world. Art is as simple as helping someone do their taxes, making a good cup of coffee, or even the person sweeping the floor. Attention and Intention are key, Where is your attention? what is your Intention? There is art in everything if only we see it, and help create it. I am an Artfool. I go around creating as much art as I can, foolishly without reserve.”

We welcome you to join us for a conscious social gathering full of sensorious delights. Our intention is to provide a social space for beings to unite, ground, and evolve. We are promoting comfort & stability, health & clarity, and joy & prosperity. We hope you join us for a very special evening !!!