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Right after Burning Man I head out with Aarin G  to do vocals at another amazing festival Spiral Water Goddess up in Willits, CA September 11th through 14th. Some info below and full info on the site.

Spiral Water Goddess

Friday September 11, 2015 12:00 PM to Monday September 14, 2015 2:00 PM

Camp n’ Sons, 12650 Hearst Rd., Willits, CA, United States

You’re invited to embark on a journey to a place reminiscent of ancient Rome and Greece, where decadence flows freely! Whether you choose to embody your own inner goddess or honor the stunning goddesses all around, you are welcome!

Camp & Sons playground is perfect for transporting you to a lavish mythological time where delightful sensuality abounds. Led by a cast of women musicians, djs, performers, planners, and chefs, these deities will tantalize and tease your senses.

“Awaken the goddess within you, through dance, self appreciation and divine inspiration.”

“Sing, feast, dance, make music and love.”

Spiral Water Goddess is a two day camping gathering within Camp & Sons, a farm located near Willits, CA. With a max capacity of 100 people, with organic food and entertainment throughout the weekend, this gathering will be intimate and fulfilling. Sound will be moderate and quiet after 10pm. This is an 18+, all gender inclusive gathering.

Immerse yourself in the sensuality of ancient times, where by day you lounge in a plush pond side cabana, enjoying the delights of music, performance, and delicious treats delivered to you. After a glorious sun drunk afternoon of lavish performances, playful swan rides, and delightful decadence, you’ll be regaled with a garden dinner and evening of quiet performances and movies.

We’ve invited musical satyrs, dancing nymphs, and singing mermaids to entertain you. Roman and Greek themed Goddess attire is highly encouraged. We invite you to decorate and create a space within the communal cabana areas. We’ll have some inflatables, air mattresses, foam pads, pillows, and fluffy blankets for use. We’ll have several altars set-up around the property for sharing and embodiment. Please bring something to share for the communal cheese plate happening Saturday afternoon to celebrate the divine gifts from the earth and feed your friends nibbles.

Food will be served Saturday breakfast, Saturday Dinner, & Sunday brunch. In addition to a divine cheese plate, we’ll have Saturday afternoon cabana drinks and fruit delivery.

Here are some of our dj’s, musicians, and performers..

ChlorAmor – https://soundcloud.com/chloramor/chloramor-live-at…

Bonfire Madigan – http://www.bonfiremadigan.com/

Devi GenuOne – http://www.devigenuone.com/

Aarin G – https://soundcloud.com/aaring/aarin-g-march-madnes…

Persefoni – https://soundcloud.com/perstefani

Sig – http://sighafstrom.blogspot.com/

Cosplay Cabaret Mermaids –https://www.facebook.com/CosplayCabaret?fref=ts