Wildfires have destroyed many homes around the state this week. In an effort to help I’m taking a car load of donations up north on Friday the 18th. If you all have anything you want to include (Personal Items, Camping Gear Sleeping Items Needed most) I’m taking donations at my house in Oakland today during the afternoon and evening. Hit me up @ Devi Genuone for drop off times. Donations will be delivered to the Valley Fire Relief.

Also singing at this benefit in Willits on Saturday. Come if you can.


Here is another way to help

Bay Area Burners Northern California Wildfire Relief – have set up places to donate and a way to transport the items to the people who need them.

“Hey burners! We all talk and preach community and right now people up north need our help! As you know 1000’s of people have lost their homes, families, pets, possessions, food, water and everything else precious to them. I know a lot of you like myself have extra goods from the burn that you can donate to those in dire need of it. Im looking to gather as many people as I can to donate what they dont need such as food and water along with any clean (dust free or cleaned) gas that you might have such as tents, portable kitchen gear, sleeping bags, etc. Im working with Maha Rafiq on this and I believe she has a lead on a 20ft trailer we can use to transport all donations up north.”